Kevin Rhinehart, Stroke Survivors CAN!


So often, people ask me what it is the secret of my success after my stroke.  I attribute one aspect to that of vision.  I wanted my life to count, an extension from my profession as a psychotherapist of 25+ years.

Sure, I had to work through shock, anger, and depression, and my sense of just "existing."  But I wasn't happy with just existing.  I wanted more.

​Through triathlons, I finally found my vision.  Something that kept me going during training was, "stroke survivors can (fill in the blanks)," eventually becoming my foundation's name, Stroke Survivors CAN!

As part of it, I'm offering life coaching. I desire all people to find their vision, to the stroke survivors and others.

Feel free the download my brochure (pdf). 

If you're interested after reading the brochure, email me ( to receive a questionnaire.  This will be very helping in helping the two of us determining if I'm the right coach for you.  Send it back over email.  We then will set up a FREE video call to discuss your answers.

​If we decide that life coaching from me is appropriate, you will fill out the Coaching Agreement which it will be emailed, email it back, and we'll set up to hold our first coaching session!

It's that simple!

​I hope to hear from you soon!

Kevin Rhinehart

Stroke Survivors CAN!

Restoring Lives, Creating New Directions