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I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am so excited about my life post stroke.  To have something so difficult for me to go through, and to come out a better person with my same drive to help people goes beyond words.  I thank God, family, friends, professionals, and sponsors for believing in me and wouldn’t let me give up.

The mission, however, is far from over.  I need you more than ever.  Pray that I will continue to experience good health, physically and mentally.  It’s such a fine balance to do, especially with endurance sports like Ironman where the athlete stretches him or herself on a continuing basis.

If my story has impacted your life, I would like to invite you give so I may continue to participate in triathlons. You can make contributions via GoFundMe or PayPal, or check.  I would be appreciative of any donation, big or small!

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Thank you!

On behalf of myself and stroke survivors everywhere, 


Kevin Rhinehart, Stroke Survivor, Triathlete


Kevin Rhinehart, Stroke Survivor, Triathlete

How you can help me bring a message of hope and empowerment to stroke survivors